Fire Pump Alignment Check Diagram

Has your fire pump assembly been checked per NFPA for proper alignment? Yes, this is an NFPA requirement, and is very important in the fact that your fire pump is the heart of your sprinkler system. Receiving the proper supply of pressure/flow of water through the piping network is a necessity.

A slight misalignment of a pump assembly at the power end of the system is even further out of alignment at the wet end or receiving end of the shaft assembly. Therefore, causing possible issues with bearings, packing, coupling, shaft, impeller and others. Over time these issues can cause failure of the pump producing the proper conditions when testing. This in return leads to major repairs with possible down time of the system protecting your facility.

If you are seeing repairs from your pump system in which you have not had previously, or the repairs seem to be getting more excessive over time, contact John Couch,¬†[email protected], VPAC Manager to schedule your pump alignment check.

What is a Fire Pump Shaft Misalignment

  • Either the horizontal plane, vertical plane or both are not in alignment.

Consequences of Fire Pump Shaft Misalignment

  • Increased friction and thereby energy consumption
  • Premature bearing and seal failure
  • Premature shaft and coupling failure
  • Excessive seal lubricant leakage
  • Failure of coupling and foundation bolts

 Benefits for Having Fire Pump Shaft Alignment Testing

  • Reduces breakdowns of machine by up to 50%
  • Decreases downtime of machine, which leads to a loss of production

The Valor Difference

Valor Fire uses the Laser Shaft Alignment Method which is rated the best for Accuracy, Speed and Ease of Use. This method also allows us to have access to live reporting on the Certified Technician’s phone and in return gives us the ability to send reports to the customer while on site.

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