Whether residential or commercial, protect your most valuable assets with an industry-leading Valor security system. Our custom security solutions provide top of the line protection against burglary, assault, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. We can also deliver solutions with programming designed to send alerts when children get home from school or attempt to gain entry to areas they shouldn't such as wine cellars, gun cabinets, etc.

Valor provides reliable, easy-to-use systems routing signals to our UL approved Central Monitoring Station serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Homeowners can access their system and receive alerts remotely via text message, cell phone or email.

Valor is a full service company delivering uncompromised quality and integrity. All of our installation and service technicians have undergone extensive training and are licensed through the state of Texas. The same team of technicians that installed your system will be here to provide service in the future should the need arise.

1. We will not sell your account unlike other security companies
2. No activation or other hidden fees and no rebate form required ever!
3. You own the equipment- regardless of value
4. Customized solutions to fit your unique needs
5. Competitive rates with discounts available
6. Your dollars stay here in central Texas supporting the local economy

Customize Your System
Cellular Monitoring
Customize Your System
  1. Cellular backup capabilities using 4G technology
  2. Custom settings for individual users
  3. Glass-break detectors
  4. Panic buttons/pendants
  5. Video Door Bells
  6. Door Lock Control
  7. Climate Control
  8. Lighting Control
  9. Water Flow Control
  10. Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detection
  11. Garage Door Control
  12. Garage Door Tilt
  13. Video Monitoring
  14. Custom Scenes Based on Time of Day, User Locations, etc. 
Cellular Monitoring
Solutions for monitoring intrusion and fire systems independent of a traditional landline by delivering 24-hour wireless protection by transmitting full data from virtually all security and fire systems to the central station using today's cellular networks.

Security License # B04146801