Valor Fire & Security will help keep your facility in compliance with applicable codes requirements. Keeping your system on a scheduled test inspection can keep your property in compliance with the local AHJ while, also proactively helping maintain your fire systems.

Our knowledgeable staff and Inspectors can assist you with code required inspections for various systems and provide reports that are color coordinated with deficiencies noted allowing for quick referencing and user friendliness. Reports are electronically produced allowing us to provide prompt, legible documentation to you. During the course of our Inspections, we will make notes of ways to improve your systems through the latest offered technology your applications need.

Fire Inspections Valor Performs
  • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Sequence Testing
    • Elevator Recall
    • Fire Pump Signals
    • Smoke Control
    • E-lights
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • 3-Year Trip Testing
    • 5-Year Internal
    • 10-Year Dry Head Testing
    • Value Operations
  • Fire Pumps
    • Monthly Testing Runs
    • Annual Alignment Testing
    • Annual Relief Value Testing
    • Annual 100% Flow Readings
    • Annual 150% Flow Readings
    • Annual RPM Testing
  • Standpipe Systems
    • Annual Visual Inspections
    • 5-year Flow Testing
  • Fire Extinguishers
    • Annual Inspections
  • Kitchen Hoods
    • Annual Inspections
    • Semi-Annual Inpections
  • Backflow Assemblies
    • Annual Inspections
  • Fire Hydrants
    • Annual Inspections
Valor Fire & Security Inspection and Testing Services Benefits:
  • Thorough documentation of inspections that includes identifying deficiencies
  • Functional testing of devices using specialized instruments to help identify any possible malfunctions
  • Corrective Action documentation
  • Provide intelligibility reading and documentation on emergency voice systems
  • Decibel readings for fire alarm systems
  • Conduct sequence testing with local AHJ’s

Inspections Flow Chart