Valor performed a full repair on a Fire Hydrant in Downtown Austin.

# 1 - Arrived onsite to gather info on a fire hydrant. It wouldn’t completely shut down and after a failed attempt of a repair from another company Valor was called to the rescue!

# 2 – Valor isolated hydrant at the foot valve and removed hydrant body to observe for any upper barrel deficiencies (upper barrel was fine). We had to call “1 Call” to locate any potential underground utilities ie gas lines, electrical lines, water lines.

# 3 – Valor utilized a 3rd party vacuum removal truck. “This not only prevents potential breaks of buried utilities not identified by “1 Call” but also keeps the damage of landscaping and curbs to a minimum and keeps a cleaner work site”.

# 4 – After a day of excavation Valor fenced off the work area to ensure bystanders are not injured.

# 5 – Valor removed the valve seat in the lower valve body. This shows where debris was lodged in the seat and potential over tightening compromised the integrity of the lower seat not allowing hydrant to close completely.

# 6 – Valor Crew working to remove and replace internal components of the fire hydrant.

# 7 – Valor properly backfilled and repaired hydrant and finish of with a fresh coat of paint.