Our highly trained managers and staff have to ability to provide a full fire alarm system installation from the design plans, to the execution of installing the system. Valor’s Installation Crew is very familiar with the ground up building procedure and will accommodate working with the other contractors commissioned for the job. We work closely with the electricians along with the Project Managers.


We service and inspect all Life Safety Alarms. Our focus at Valor is to provide exceptional service while focusing on complete customer satisfaction.

Valor Alarm Services Include
  • Full Fire Alarm System Installs
  • Fire Alarm Service and Repairs
  • Fire Alarm System Replacements
  • Fire Alarm Inspections
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Cellular Monitoring
Valor Specializes in the Following Product Lines
  • Honeywell
  • Gamewell FCI Series
  • Farenhyt Series
  • SilentKnight Series

Need an Upgrade?

Valor is always ready to provide you with a quote to upgrade or replace your current Fire Alarm Systems. Our experts are here to design and layout the best options for you and your facility. Your Fire Alarm Systems are not an area in your building where you want to piecemeal your equipment. Valor can present affordable options while utilizing the top of the line in technology. To request a free quote please contact us.


Common Issues

  • Weather Related Issues? Do you experience frequent troubles on your Fire Alarm panel after a thunderstorm? You may be experiencing surge and spikes disabling or damaging your Fire Alarm System. Valor offers cellular monitoring to eliminate the effects of external wiring failures. To find out more about Fire Alarm Surge Protection check this guide out.
  • Phone Line Failures? Do you experience phone line failures, phone line failures taking up to 24 hours to be detected or find yourself paying for repeat service calls for phone line issues and repairs? Valor offers IP Network Communications as a solution. Here is a great flyer with the ROI for installing Valor IPDACT Flyer (Internet Protocol Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter) to your Fire Alarm System.